Teak mid century modern puzzle set and possibly the inspiration for the very 1st Rubix Cube

Happy Free Advice Friday From ModMart!

Today’s freebie is about the art of giving- vintage style!

The holiday shopping season is in full tilt with only one week left to select the perfectly thoughtful, not too extravagant yet not too chintzy gift that screams, when I saw this I immediately thought of you!

Not everyone on your list is ready for a pre-loved present but there are plenty that would appreciate a completely unique item that can’t be droned to your doorstep by the Amazon Prime fulfillment center. The following guide is my gift to you!

So you are invited to a white elephant party and you are working with a $25 spending limit. You can go in two directions with this, either quirky/silly to keep the exchange amusing or the “keeper” route which is the gift everyone in the game will try to steel. Either way you will score high marks on creativity!

For those who haven’t been in yet- ModMart is a carefully curated upscale resale shop brimming with refined Danish modernist furniture from the 50’s, modern op art inspired by the 60’s, mixed with only the best of the groovy 70’s and topped off with the glossy glam that is unmistakably 80’s. While we are dead serious about providing the absolute best from each decade, we still have a sense of humor which lives in “Kitsch Corner”. That’s where you will find our smaller gift-ie items like fondue pots, happy face mugs (which my kids think are emojis) tiki and other retro-tastic finds. If properly executed, your “gag” gift could make the rare but possible cross over to our next category- the white elephant “keeper”.

The keeper gift combines charm and affordability. For example a set of Dansk Votives, a Dorothy Thorpe decanter, a sweet little candy bowl or some amazing semi precious stone jewels. Too girlie for you? We have tons of super swanky bar ware right in your price range. Or hit the pottery lottery with our huge selection of weed pots! (For actual weeds not the slightly illegal ones!) This’ll be the gift everyone is trading up for because they can’t run over to target and just grab one for themselves! SCORE!

Next, the $50 hostess of the mostest gift…

Let’s just say I’ve never kicked a box of chocolates out of bed, but (yawn) BOOOOORIIING, if you are reading this blog post we both know you are better than that! Check out these vintage hand blown glass “human feeders” A-DORBS! You can fill them up with those same boxed chocolates and even sample the goods to make sure they’re “all that”! After all, it would be in poor taste to re-gift sub par chocolates! Bonus- you know these birdies will be landing right on the coffee table! The party peeps will be tweeting about these for days!

Here are some other nifty gifts to consider in various price ranges.

We hope your holidays are filled with much MOD!


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