ModMart Free advice from the Professionals Matchy/Matchy vs Mixie/Matchy

IMG952835Since ModMart’s grand opening 2 weeks ago I’ve noticed a trend, I’ve had several customers ask for two matching lamps for their bedroom or a set of end tables for their sofa or even a matching sofa and love seat and I’m realizing that many shoppers have been brainwashed by even the most upscale furniture chains to purchase a line or a look. When shopping true vintage furniture and decor you have to work with what is available and be creative, the excitement lies in the rare find and it is in these moments that real design magic happens. Here are some examples…

Past decorating experiences can easily turn into bad habits if you don’t approach your shopping with an open mind. Since we can’t exactly double dutch our way down to the local Mid Century Modern factory and order precisely what we want, we must rely on good shopping karma and what we are gifted by the mod universe. Case in point- So, you need lamps for both sides of your insanely cool and iconic Adrian Pearsall sofa with inlayed travertine end tables. Yes, you could get two nice but expected matchy/matchy lamps and be done with it- OOOOOOORR you could get rid of all of your preconceived notions on decor, throw all caution to the wind and get two totally different yet equally rad table lamps that may or may not even be the same height! You could even change the height of said lamps by swapping out the shades or harps! Save the matchy/matchy pair for your shoes and go for the unexpected – it will make you and your room so much more interesting!

IMG953061IMG9558752- MIXED MEDIA
IMG952016When you have a totally glam burnt orange velvet couch with chrome legs your first instinct might be oh, I need an equally glam chrome coffee table, right? Maybe, or maybe not- incorporating a sculpted wood coffee table will give your room warmth and texture. Each design element will work on its own as well as together adding interest instead of blurring into one expected look.

I’ve been asked “is it 50’s, 60’s or 70’s because i’m really going for an early Mad Men circa 1950s look”. My answer is now and always will be- if you like it, it doesn’t matter! As a self proclaimed trans-decadist (made up word) I recommend only surrounding yourself with interesting pieces that make you feel happy! If that means sipping Tang (70s) out of a Dorothy Thorpe silver rimmed highball glass (50s) while chillaxing on an Eames Lounger (60s) next to an Andy Warhol Litho (80s) on a shag rug (70s again) under an ethereal 65 inch burst of dazzling gold light from ModMart’s very own custom atomic Sputnik chandelier (2015/16) I say HUZZAH!

IMG951499Come see us at the Mart for more free advice! 10% off to anyone who greets us with “HUZZAH”!

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